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We are currenty creating support content - please check out the first FAQs below.

In addition: Check out WLED app to access all features of lixl 

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  • Where can I find crazy things I can do with lixl?
    Check out all the stuff at WLED community
  • How can I sync several lixl?
    If you're lucky enough to own several lixl, you can sync them all together. To do this, connect them all to your local WiFi. Then enable sync by pressing the corresponding button in the menu. All lixl on the network will then be synchronized with colors and effects.
  • How to perform a factory reset?
    If you would like to reset your lixl to the factory defaults, you have two different options. In advance: If you would like to save your presets and configurations, please backup both files at SETTINGS // SECURITY & UPDATES // BACKUP & RESTORE // RRestore presets and Restore configuration To reset your lixl you have these options: check the corresponding box at SETTINGS // SECURITY & UPDATES // [ ] FACTORY RESET and click SAVE OR press and hold the button on the back of lixl for 25 seconds After factory reset you can access your lixl by connecting to the standard lixl access point. If you would like to add the default presets and configuration, please download the corresponding files here at and upload them at SETTINGS // SECURITY & UPDATES // BACKUP & RESTORE
  • How do I connect lixl to my local WiFi?
    If your lixl is permanently connected to the network, a connection to the access point is no longer necessary. To provide lixl with the network credentials, follow the steps below: connect to the lixl access point select “WIFI SETTINGS” on the homepage enter your credentials and click “Safe & Connect” lixl restarts and connects to your network (the lixl access point no longer appears) you can find lixl in your network at one of the following addresses: http://lixl18.local or http://lixl36.local or http://lixl54.local use one of the WLED apps from the app store for convenient control of all your lixl in the network Workaround: If your lixl is not available at one of the addresses mentioned, check whether the access point is still visible. If this is the case, lixl was unable to connect to your network. If the access point is not visible, check in your router which IP address was assigned to lixl and select this address to access the control of lixl.
  • How to add a new preset?
    lixl comes with some preset defined. You are free to modify or delete them to make your lixl fit your personal style. Adding a new preset is easy: choose the color and effect on the corresponding tabs go to the tab PRESETS, click +PRESET to store the current light setting add a unique name click SAVE
  • How to control lixl?
    The connection to lixl is via Wifi. To do this, connect your smartphone to lixl by following the steps below: Connect lixl to power supply scan the QR code on the back of the lixl instructions with your smartphone or below Alternative: Go to the overview of available networks in your smartphone and manually select the lixl access point "lixlXX-AP" and connect it with password lixl1234 the home page now opens. Follow "to the controls" to get to the user interface Alternative: If the page does not open automatically, go to the address in your browser: Recommendation: For quick access to controlling lixl, connect it to your local WiFi as described in the next number of this FAQ
  • What can I do if my lixl turns off unexpectedly?
    If your lixl turns off unexpectedly, it may be related to the sensitivity of the integrated touch button. This depends on the respective environment. That's why you should adjust the sensitivity. The following steps are necessary: open the lixl controls select in the menu at the top right: “Settings” select the menu item “Time & Macros” in the “Analog Button Setup” section you will find the value for “Touch threshold”. Reduce this value to 35 or 34, for example
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